4 March 1810: Málaga welcomes José I Bonaparte

José I Bonaparte dominated as King of Spain from 1808 to 1813. Tone

The arrival of the French emperor within the metropolis was celebrated with two triumphal arches throughout a rally assist tour

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Through the Spanish Struggle of Independence and the French occupation of Spain, José I Bonaparte, who dominated the nation from 1808 to 1813, arrived in Málaga on 4 March 1810 on a journey of rally assist by the south of Spain.

José I Bonaparte, additionally King of Naples (1806–1808), was the older brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, who appointed him King of Spain through the Napoleonic Wars.

Upon his arrival in Málaga, the emperor was greeted within the metropolis with two triumphal arches, which had been put in at Zamarilla’s Hermitage and Calle Puente del Mar.

Though he was comparatively effectively obtained in Málaga, he was largely unpopular in Spain and got here underneath heavy criticism from his opponents, who tried to tarnish his repute by naming him Pepe Botella due to his perceived fondness for consuming. had tried. This was an allegation that has been echoed by historians, though some declare it was unfounded.

In just lately found paperwork and letters, Napoleon’s brother was described by his courtroom colleagues as a person who “didn’t eat or drink like a king”.

His detractors additionally accused him of being silly and ugly. Others say that he was a good-looking and slim king who took nice care of his bodily look, making him engaging to girls.

He’s mentioned to have been a pacifist, a monarch who was notably concerned within the modernization of reforms in Spain. In accordance with some researchers, he was completely in opposition to bullfighting and is claimed to have utterly despised it. Nevertheless, he reinstated the bullfight, which had been abolished by Carlos IV, who is claimed to have carried out so to extend his recognition.

A particular bullfight was organized in his honor on the Plaza de la Structure in Málaga and the occasion is claimed to have been effectively attended, which the king thought-about proof of his recognition.

Nevertheless, his opponents claimed that the sq. was crammed solely as a result of the French emperor had promoted bullfighting by providing free entry.

To achieve the assist of the inhabitants and town authorities, he promised to fund the development of a lighthouse within the port of Málaga, though this was a pledge he didn’t fulfill.

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